Anthony Lance Subietas

Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Editor


NEW DIRECTION from V Magazine on Vimeo.

NEW DIRECTIONS + Web Video for VMAGAZINE + I shot this one under the direction of my mentor Eric Johanson

SCRAMBLER SEEQUILL “One Design” + Music Video + Director Devin Febbroriello aka SEEQUILL + Director of PHOTOGRAPHY & Editor Anthony Subietas

THE ROGUE TAXIDERMIST: NATE HILL + Documentary Profile on artist Nate Hill + Nate produces works entirely from found dead animal parts. He also leads the Chinatown Garbage tour, which is exactly what it sounds like. + Co-produced by Anthony Subietas & Danny Gold + 9:30

DRIVEIN24 + Commercial for Drive In Equipment [D.I.E] + division of DriveIn Studios: NYC Photography Studios, 24HR Equipment, Digital + 1:30

THE LEGEND OF LITTLE MARY MINT & THE TWISTS + Narrative Short for Glass Eye Pix’ Creepy Christmas film festival + Directed by Devin Febbroriello + Director of Photography Anthony Subietas + 10:00

STILL LIFE + Time Lapse + 0:45

THE INBETWEENS LIVE at NUBLU + Music Video + “This guitar-bass-drum trio…recently put out a terrific album, ‘Quantum Cowboy’ (Layered), that offhandedly evokes an array of atmospheric-pop precursors, but with a firm handle on improvisation.” Nate Chinen, NYTIMES + Directed by Anthony Subietas + 3:30

TIDAWT - A NIGHT IN THE DESERT + Concert Film created for National Geographic Music + The Tuareg are a nomadic group of the Sharah whose musical tradition is as old as the culture itself. Since the 60’s Toureg warrior poets began to play the guitar. Tidawt has performed their music all over the world, raising consciousness of dwindling nomadic culture, and expressing their dedication to preserving it. The struggle continues. + Produced by Ryan Bradley + 6:40

105TH EXPLORERS CLUB DINNER + Documentary Video for National Geographic Adventure + Meet an explorer, eat a scorpion, box a kangaroo? Only at the 105th Explorers Club Dinner at the Waldorf=Astoria + New York City, March 21, 2009 + 5:30

THE GRAPE FLAVORED ROAD + Grab a Grape Soda. Here’s a teaser for our skate video “The Grape Flavored Road” featuring Wes Mann, Erik Tobin, Zach Robbins, Anthony Subietas & the Grape Soda Crew! + 0:38

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